The problem of camera power supply

August 16, 2016 Views:595


  1. Power source selection.

    The power supply should have lightning protection and leakage prevention measures, and safety ground is also required. The common types are AC 220V, AC 24V, DC 12V and DC 5V. Please be aware of which kind of power source is suitable for your device. DC regulated power supply should have purification function, its standard power should be 1.5 times greater than the total power of the system.


  2. Wire diameter and the transmission distance: RVV2*1.0 power cord is recommended at close distance; RVV2*1.5 and above are recommended in remote distance.


  3. Voltage attenuation: One power adapter shouldn’t power too many cameras at one time, otherwise it is easy to cause the voltage instability. DC power supply can be used directly at close range, if the devices are powered remotely (100 meters far and above), it is better to use AC power supply in the middle. Generally speaking, the AC 220V power supply is converted into DC power supply. If the transformer is close to the camera, the current consumption would be lower and the picture would be more stable. If the infrared camera uses DC power supply, the power must meet the maximum power consumption. In outdoor places, waterproof box should be added in order to protect the camera.


Case: vertical stripes caused by voltage decay.