Brief description of switch cable on TVI device

August 16, 2016 Views:497



(2)Power Supply Cable


(4)Switch cable


For example:

(1)C2 Serials: For example DS-2CE16C2T-IT3/IT5 could only support TVI video output. If there’s no video signal when connect the camera to back-end device, please check if the back end device was TVI DVR.

(2)C5 Serials: For example the default output of DS-2CE16C5T-IT3/IT5 is TVI. DS-2CE16C5T-IT3/IT5 also has the switch cable, if the switch cable was shorting circuits, the TVI output was disabled, and the device could only support CVBS output. The CVBS and TVI output could not work simultaneously. They could switch each other by switch cable.

(3)D5 Serials: For example the CVBS and TVI output of DS-2CE16D5T-IT3/IT5 which has switch cable could work simultaneously. The function of switch cable is to enable hardware WDR. When the Switch cable is shorting circuits, CVBS would be disabled.